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YBCA works in cooperation with the US Forest Service and the Ouray County Board of County Commisioners.

The Ouray County Board of County Commisioners (BOCC) was instrumental in the creation of YBCA. In the spring of 2003, they called a public meeting to solicit input on options for managing the Yankee Boy/Canyon Creek area. From that meeting, YBCA developed. During the organization process in spring 2003, the BOCC was tremendously helpful both with overall support and more specific assistance.

The BOCC continues to work closely with YBCA, and to support YBCA.

The US Forest Service worked closely with YBCA while YBCA was being organized, and helped coordinate the process of eliminating fees in the Yankee Boy area. The organizations continue to cooperate closely, especially in administering campsites in the area.

YBCA and the USFS are in many ways complimentary. YBCA and the USFS compliment each other because each is able to do things that are difficult for the other. For example, it is straightforward for YBRCA to effectively recuit and manage volunteers and donars. The USFS is able to own and administer lands and facilities such as toilets and campgrouds.